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Our Main Expertise

One of the main objectives of the firm is to deliver smart, cost-effective and reliable services to its clients in a most professional manner.


Legal Advice to Businesses

HLA acts as legal counsel to CEOs, Board of Directors and major shareholders of various companies and provides legal opinions, advisory services, strategies, legal and regulatory services and assists them in decision-making process.


Policy Formation

HLA provides legal advice and assistance to the senior management of Companies for starting new Ventures, Joint Ventures and Projects and helps them in developing a legal framework for successful completion of transactions and projects. The firm also provides end-to-end legal solutions for complex legal problems arising out of contractual, regulatory and jurisdictional issues, involving various entities operating under different legal regimes, which includes negotiations, representations and litigation.


Dispute Resolution

HLA offers positive, productive and practical legal advice to companies and assists them in disputes resolution with business entities, Governmental and Regulatory Bodies, involving complex legal issues through proactive and risk free legal approach.


License, Concessions for Regulated businesses and Applications

The firm support Businesses in applying and procuring Licenses and permissions telecommunications, information technology, and media related Licenses and permissions, media licenses etc. and permissions from various government bodies for establishment of regulated businesses, permission from Investment Board and other statutory bodies for investment.

HLA also provides legal assistance to its clients in procuring clearance certificates from the Government of Pakistan and other relevant authorities in environment related matters.


Company Legal Advisor

HLA also acts as a legal advisor to various companies and provides them all sorts of legal and consultancy services. This includes managing the entire compliance related matters and filing requirements of companies before all regulatory bodies including the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, the stock exchanges, SBP related approvals, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), OGRA, NEPRA and PEMRA etc.

This also includes advising on project financing, preparing legal documentation and contracts, and addressing all the relevant legal risks and issues.

In short the firm provides legal assistance in all areas of law including civil, commercial and corporate matters.

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